"Take Me To Your Leader"
(Example Shown: 25/50)

⁣Etching, hand-pulled by the Artist⁣
⁣Image Size: 10 x 7.5 in⁣
⁣Print Paper Size: 11 x 14 in⁣

⁣Edition: 50⁣
⁣$125 plus standard shipping⁣.

You are ordering a signed & numbered, limited edition aquatint etching entitled, Take Me To Your Leader. Each print was hand-deckled, hand-inked and hand-pulled by the Artist in his studio, 2020. This is not a machine-made print but a handmade intaglio print by the Artist.

This etching reflects one of many narrative vignettes from the artist's new Limited Edition hardcover book: How To Draw A Werewolf* (starring New Orleans' very own whimsical werewolf, King Foraday!).

Note: Please allow at least two weeks from order date for shipping to occur, although every effort will be made to ship sooner if possible. Standard shipping is $25 in the continental United States and $50 to most everywhere else.

*Géza Brunow's new hardcover book, HOW TO DRAW A WEREWOLF is also available in the store for a limited time. Only 50 copies are available. Thank you!